5 Best Pickleball Rackets on Amazon

5 Best Pickleball Rackets on Amazon

1. Niupipo racket

Niupipo has one of the best looking rackets when it comes to their designs. On the actual design, you see
a splash of different colors that just encourage you to play around with it. It’s good at encouraging you as an
athlete to play around with it. It’s a tool that also comes with a case. With a racket, you may decide not to
play Pickleball for many days. Getting a case is going to make sure that pests or dust won’t ruin it as you
decide not to play. It will also protect it from scratches and wear.
It was approved by the USAPA to be used during professional play. This means that is will be tournament
legal to make sure that you have as much of a chance as possible to win. The handle has incredible grip,
regardless of the kinds of hands that you have, you will get an easier time doing your optimal swings during
play. The racket uses a honeycomb pattern made out of polypropylene to have a consistent hit that is going
to last you years to come. It’s really comfortable to wield so you shouldn’t notice any chafing during
extended play.

2. ONIX Graphite Z5

This racket uses a gamma grip, which should make it really easy for you to wrap your fingers around the
racket. Other rackets cheap out on the grip and use something that is more likely to fall out of your hands. To
really push the sport of Pickleball to its limits, you need a racket that is going to let you push it to its limits.
It comes in numerous different colors. Some of you may want to match with a particular uniform that you
have selected out and there are over 10. The dimensions have changed and have been able to be used for
competitive play.

There is a guard on the outside to be able to protect the core of the pattern that hits the ball. This is going to
insure that the majority of the racket lasts longer the more it is used. The handle was created to mimic a
Tennis grip so if you’ve come from that sport, the transition is going to be really easy to make. This racket
has some of the best control that you could ever asked for. It’s also lightweight and is really easy to carry
even if you don’t have the strongest arms.

3. Gamma sports 2.0

This racket has some of the best-built quality that you could ask for in a racket. The material is strong and
will last you years to come. It is also built in a way that makes it optimal for playing regardless of the skill
level that you are currently at. It comes in six different colors because the producers realize that there are
people who have different preferences in the colors they like. It’s a great size, making sure that less wide and
long. That ensures that it will be easier to get the ball where you want it to be.
The grip is very comfortable, making it one of the best options when it comes to playing long term. If you
want to get a racket that allows each of your fingers to have room, this will provide it for them. It’s really
good for people of different sizes because they are able to get the kind of experience that everyone else gets.
This is a paddle that allows the different play styles to shine and offers the best kind of support. It uses the
same honeycomb pattern that you’ve become used to, but it’s very consistent.

4. HEAD Radical elite racket

This racket has some of the best looking designs when it comes to the different rackets you can own. The
neon is something that you won’t see a lot when it comes to these rackets and goes really well with games
that are played at night. How the neon fades into black is something you don’t see a lot and is very distinct
among similar products. The finish is fiberglass which allows you as the player to feel more of ball that you
are hitting. It’s a great from an aesthetics perspective, but it’s also great for competitive play at all levels.
The grip is some of the best that you can get on the market. The grip is ergonomic and should feel very

natural even if you don’t play a lot of sports. The grip accommodates people of most hand sizes. As long as
you’re not a basketball player with massive hands, you should be fine with this gripping getting covering
everything you need. If you’re a woman with small hands, you should be able to handle this almost as well as
a man with larger hands. It’s great for everyone and hits well for intermediate players who have knowledge
of the sport.

5. Backcourt pickleball racket

This racket has one of the best surfaces when it comes to offering a great hitting experience. It’s very
consistent in the way every part of the racket feels the same. The density is the same for the entire racket and
creates a great experience regardless of who is playing that day. The grip is really good and makes sure your
hands will be stuck to it like glue. The racket itself has a design of the places where it could be the most
optimal to hit it. That’s one of best parts of being a beginner.

The materials are great, they feel sturdy without feeling they are hard enough to hurt you. The feeling you
get from hitting with this racket is something that you probably haven’t felt before. The item description
doesn’t specify whether or not it uses the honeycomb pattern but it more than likely does. It’s a great product
that can introduce all people to the sport of pickleball. It also comes with a cover to protect it from dust or
anything else that could hurt it.

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